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a) About intellectual and industrial property:

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b) About navigation and permitted uses:

MAGO AUDIO VISUAL PRODUCTION, S.L. allows the user of this website to access and view its contents, being authorized any temporary or accessory reproduction of the same in the cache memory, provided that such reproduction is not voluntary and forms an integral and essential part of the technological transmission process.

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The following operations with respect to the Website, its contents and the copies thereof made by you are especially prohibited:

MAGO AUDIO VISUAL PRODUCTION, S.L. does not allow the user to modify or transform the contents of this website, including the translation, adaptation, arrangement, or any other transformation, including the correction of errors in computer programs, of which neither successive versions nor derived programs.

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· Any type of extraction, public communication and / or transmission, total or partial, by any means outside the scope of the permitted use of the contents of the site web.
And, especially, its incorporation into any other work, including web pages, collections or databases.

· The removal, concealment or falsification of the notices and warnings about the Intellectual Property of the website or any of its contents.

c) About the responsibilities:

MAGO AUDIO VISUAL PRODUCTION, S.L. declines any responsibility for eventual damages to users caused by normal or abnormal operation of the search, organization or content location tools and, in general, arising from errors or problems in the development or implementation of the technical elements that the Portal or a program provides to users. It also informs that in no case does it assume responsibility for communications or dialogues in the course of debates, forums, chats and virtual communities that are organized through the website or other derived links, nor will it therefore be liable for possible damages and damages suffered by private and / or collective users as a result of said communications and dialogues and, especially those that take place in clubs or virtual expert centers, so users must be aware that they act at all times under their own responsibility.

Terms of use

This text is intended to provide information on the use of the data that you freely and voluntarily provide through the websites of MAGO AUDIO VISUAL PRODUCTION, S.L.

The purpose of the collection and automated processing of Personal Data is to send Information through electronic means as well as your participation in interactive activities. By simply visiting MAGO AUDIO VISUAL PRODUCTION, S.L. website you are not obliged to provide any personal information.

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