el ruiseñor y la noche

The Nightingale and the Night. Chavela Vargas sings to Lorca

Original Title: El Ruiseñor y la Noche. Chavela Vargas canta a Lorca
Director: Rubén Rojo Aura
Screenplay: Rubén Rojo Aura, César Tejada, Jaime Panqueva
Length: 72 min
Country: Spain, Mexico

Chavela Vargas and Federico García Lorca are the main characters in this story. Their meetings take place in the world of poetry and music. While staying in the same room in which Lorca had lived years ago at the Residencia de Estudiantes in Madrid, Chavela was frequently visited by a yellow bird carrying the soul of the poet within it. The documentary chronicles Chavela‘s transition from life to death, her union with Federico, dissolving the boundary between these two worlds and between reality and dreams.


Lenght: 72 min
Director: León Bertone

Sound design and editing of the documentary film. Foleys, ADRs and final mixing. Soundtrack and music composition by León Bertone.