2D Animation TV Series
In pre-production
Director: Juan Carvé, Martin Guido
Format: 26×11 min
Target: 6-9 years
Broadcasters: TVE, Señal Colombia
· Best TV Pilot – Cartoons on the Bay Film Festival

The Little Orchestra is a series that celebrates music. We all love songs… but what are they made from? Why do they make us feel the way they do? It’s all a bit of a puzzle… but don’t worry, The Little Orchestra has come to unravel the mystery! The series tells the adventures of Toto, Vale and Julen, three friends who love music as much as they love getting into trouble. Together with grandpa John Beard’s, a legendary ex-roadie who still has his old truck, the band will visit strange characters and try to reveal the secrets of music. Or at least have a great adventure. Either way, The Little Orchestra will play loud and viewers will learn how a song is made!